SMS Center

SMS Center.

Carrier-class scalable SMSC with high-performance. Range of the supported protocols allows deploying SMSC through GSM/UMTS or IS-41 (D-AMPS, CDMA) networks.

Support of SIGTRAN allows easy deployment across the next generation mobile networks. Flexible delivery scenario management, embedded “First Delivery Attempt” feature, policy management, convenient licensing principles and powerful SMS routing subsystem make SMSC a perfect choice for Operator’s needs.

Routing and bandwidth configuration tools support fully-functional SMPP interface with efficient access policy for interaction with external applications.

Horizontal scaling architecture allows to achieve high reliability and to adjust SMSC performance as network grows.

Features like SMS forwarding, auto-reply and detailed report increase service convenience for subscribers.

SMSC Advantages:

  • Wide range of supported network standards;
  • SMS forwarding;
  • Auto reply;
  • Nicknames support;
  • Detailed report;
  • Multi-IMSI routing capability;
  • SMS fraud prevention.

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