Mobile Office Mobile Office

Mobile Office

The Optiroam Mobile Office is a way to extend your network. The LAN following the worker to wherever they need to work. Mobility just wireless, either, because Optiroam Mobile Office solutions offer full advantage of Telephony service and complete access to your e-mail and corporate LAN, through both wired and wireless solutions. The three components of the Optiroam Mobile Office are: On The Road, At Home, and At Work. Together, they form a network secure, flexible, highly manageable, scalable, and that increases productivity.

  • DID portability service
  • Free phone service over Optiroam network
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Divert
  • SpeedDial Phonebook
  • Voicemail w/forward to e-mail
  • FaxServer w/forward to e-mail
  • Follow-me
  • Portable Email
  • IM closer group chat
  • IPSec VPN Service
  • SMS, WEB, WAP, IM Call Back
Mobile Office Mobile Office

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