Mobile related services

Mobile related services.

Mobile Virtual Network Enabling (MVNE) service for GSM and CDMA operators allows quickly launch new Next-Generation mobile service on its networks with small investments.

Mobile Virtual Network Aggregation service for GSM and CDMA operators allows quickly get interconnection to world-wide SS7 signaling and GRX/IPX networks from one hand. Sponsored Multi-IMSI service to providing easy Start-Up roaming service for subscribers. ASTELNET offering cloud based mobile services for MNO's and MVNO's with worldwide coverage.

ASTELNET itself providing International IP transit service over own and through time-tested partners MPLS networks. It allows to serve MNO's and MVNO's in any point in the world with guarantied QoS.

Key mobile services:

  • State art IMS Core compatible with 2G/3G
  • Multi-Tennant HSS/HLR
  • Multi-Tennant GGSN
  • Multi-Tennant SMSC
  • Multi-Tennant MSS
  • Multi-Tennant STP
  • Multi-Tennant CAMEL Gateway
  • Multi-Tennant PCRF
  • Multi-Tennant Mobile Data optimization
  • Multi-Tennant SIM/USIM OTA management
  • Data Clearing House
  • Financial Clearing House
  • SCCP transit over SS7 and SIGTRAN
  • SIP calls over unbranded IMS client for smartphones
  • SMS HUB servicee
  • Roaming HUB service for GSM and CDMA operators
  • High Quality Voice service over TDM and own operated IPX network
  • Multi-Tennant M2M service

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