Cloud based IP-Centrex hosted ip-pbx service

Cloud based IP-Centrex.

ASTELNETS's Cloud based IP-Centrex (Hosted IP-PBX) service is a perfect solution for companies of all sizes. ASTELNET's Cloud based IP-Centrex offers the same features as legacy PBXs do, and many more advanced capabilities. With Cloud based IP-Centrex service, all office locations and all employees are connected to the same centralized location, rendering maintenance and management of the system as simple as it can be.Security is an integrated part of the Cloud based IP-Centrex offer.

ASTELNET's Cloud based IP-Centrex is flexible and scalable -sky is the limit for your business growth. You can start with as little as two or three extensions and grow your internal network as your business grows. Hosted PBX service ensures you can avoid huge up front investments in PBNX system and the technology that you don't know if you will be able to use in the future. Cloud based IP-Centrex service allow you to manage all accounts from a centralized monitoring tool and know the voice communications cost for each employee. You can manage and change settings and features for each user on line, in real time.

Network Diagram

Network Diagram



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Cloud based IP-Centrex


  • Three digits dialling between extensions, wherever they are;
  • Advanced PBX features, including auto-attendant (IVR);
  • Ability to have multiple offices at multiple locations connected on the same system - office to office calls are simple, free extension calls;
  • No limit to how many concurrent calls the company can place and receive - all users can talk at the same time;
  • Ability to keep existing phones;
  • Same dialling experience from any location with broadband internet connection as in the office;
  • With Find Me/Follow Me everybody can reach you at one office number with call forwarded to a device of your choice depending on time of day or caller ID;
  • Automatic voice mail to e-mail forwarding;
  • On-line usage monitoring, review and modification of VoIP extensions features;
  • Optional Soft-phone to enable anytime, from anywhere free communication with the office;
  • Communications with customers from any location can be billed according to you corporate long distance rates, avoiding expensive or calling card hotel rates;
  • No PBX capital investment or high maintenance and operational expenses- One easy monthly fee.

What do I need ?

Getting started with our Hosted PBX Service could not be easier. There are only a few things you need to have in order to ensure reliable and quality services.

  • High Speed / Broadband internet connection in your central office and at remote locations;
  • IP phones or adapters which can be purchased from ASTELNET.

How do I get started ?

  • Contact our sales department and request a "Hosted PBX" services;
  • Purchase adapters or IP phones;
  • Follow instructions for adapters and/or IP phones installation provided by ASTELNET;
  • You are up and running in a matter of days.


  • Auto-attendant (IVR);
  • Queuing for simple call centre solutions;
  • Dedicated telephone number for remote extensions independent from your main telephone numbers;
  • Soft-phone to enable anytime, from anywhere free communication with the office;
  • Free local calls and inexpensive long distance calls;
  • Online Prepaid and Postpaid Billing.
Hosted IP-PBX Service Hosted IP-PBX Service

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