Telco Consulting

Telco Consulting.

Telco Consulting Services are designed to provide insights that go beyond the typical remedial concerns.

This service offering covers virtually any question about a telecom solution based on Mobile Networking or VoIP telecom products, excluding questions related to the reporting of bugs or component failures.

Telco Consulting Services help you.

  • Optimize your solution configuration for higher performance or study the future evolution of your current implementation;
  • Meet with an up-to-date expert and open a high-level technical discussion about your solution;
  • Gain valuable insights from experienced professionals, and see how those insights apply to your experience;
  • Save money as a result of better-performing applications or reduced overall development time for additional projects.

Telco Consulting Services can encompass.

A consulting service is applicable when you require deeper product knowledge on technical points or specific testing issues or when you have concerns about interactions with third-party products.

Our services can encompass performance studies for specific non-standard configurations, operational system tuning, object model tuning and more. In these cases, the knowledge provided by our consultants goes beyond the typical product support issues to address the interrelation of operating systems, hardware and software.

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