Remote Maintenance Service Remote Maintenance Service

Remote Maintenance Service.

Our maintenance agreement is built on our belief that pro-active management of your network provides the continuity in your operations and differentiates you in the market place allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

We have developed a suite of remote maintenance services that either provide your full 24 x 7 maintenance support, through our fully manned and operational Network Operational Centre (NOC) or maintenance for a specified period of the day.

The Standard Maintenance Services that we offer include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Secure (by VPN router) pro-active system management including;
    • On-line performance and traffic monitoring of the VoIP gateway;
    • Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Postgress Servers Maintenance and Monitoring;
    • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu programming and recording for English or any other languages;
    • Speech Recognition vocabulary programming;
    • Billing and Prepaid Phone Card software of ASTERROID® VoIP series.
  • Technical liaison with partner carrier(s) and managing configuration changes to ensure interoperability between carriers to limit your downtime;
  • We will provide access to a Maintenance engineer on a 24 x 7 basis who will work with you in addressing any technical issues, which may arise;
  • Each maintenance request will be provided a ticket and we ensure that our team of qualified engineers address your technical needs to minimise any downtime that you may experience;
  • The wealth of knowledge that we carry in our NOC, not only in hardware but also in software management has been a cornerstone of our success and the reason why our customers have excelled in the market.
Remote Maintenance Service Remote Maintenance Service

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