OTA service.

Managing emitted (U)SIM and R-UIM cards is an important and very often inevitable task. The necessity to change SMSC numbers, update PLMN/FPLMN or Service provider name(SPN) and similar operations appears time to time in any network. Package of managed OTA services offered by ASTELNET covering scheduling, implementation and operation of OTA campaigns including remote file updates, Java card applet management modification of individual SIM-toolkit menu items, post-issuance software patching and other customer specific operations. Main features of OTA services.

ASTELNET provides full-blown turn-key OTA services and guarantees:

  • Compatibility with Java and Native SIM cards of major manufacturer;
  • Integration via SMPP/UCP, SIGTRAN or directly via SS-7 interfaces;
  • Enhanced Web-interfaces, which can be customized to particular requirements; Support of additional transports such as BIP;
  • Opportunity to combine OTA with other messages such as SMS, WAP-PUSH, etc.
  • Full atomicity of OTA campaign which main contain tens or even hundreds messages per second;

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